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Circular A-130

Archive Site

Welcome! This site is archival. It was used to collect feedback from the public on proposed revisions to OMB Circular A-130. The comment period closed in November 2015. The revised OMB Circular A-130 was announced on July 27, 2016.
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The Director of OMB shall use information technology planning reviews, fiscal budget reviews, information collection budget reviews, management reviews, and such other measures as the Director deems necessary to evaluate the adequacy and efficiency of each agency's information resources management and compliance with this Circular.

The Director of OMB may, consistent with statute and upon written request of an agency, grant a waiver from particular requirements of this Circular. Requests for waivers must detail the reasons why a particular waiver is sought, identify the duration of the waiver sought, and include a plan for the prompt and orderly transition to full compliance with the requirements of this Circular. Notice of each waiver request must be published promptly by the agency in the Federal Register, with a copy of the waiver request made available to the public on request.